If you find that you are getting turned down for loan after loan because of a fair credit score range all is not lost. You can improve your rating and get credit score needed to apply for a loans with a good interest rate. Does it happen overnight? No. But doing the right things over time will help you significantly improve your credit score.
Free Credit Score and Report Online

You can get a free credit score (Experian, Trans Union, Credit Score Wiz, Equifax) and check credit report yourself. This will give you a starting point and you will know what you need to do to get your credit score fixed. Check Wiz’s website if you need free credit help. Look for anything on your credit report that shouldn't be there.

You might have negative items on your credit report that are mistakes and those mistakes are hurting your credit score. Any mistake that you find on your credit report should be disputed as quickly as possible and taken off of your report.

Next you will want to make arrangements to pay off your debt. Any outstanding debt you have that isn't on your credit report you will want to keep off your credit report. Contact the debt holder and tell them you will make payments and get it in writing that they wonâ??t report your late account to the credit bureau as long as you keep making payments. It is important to get anything that you negotiate in writing. Keeping these items off your report will help in your quest to improve your credit score.

Now you will want to get a secured credit card. You can get these cards at your local bank and they will help you improve your credit. The secured credit card is a card guaranteed by your own money, it is limited by the money you put into the account. You can get two or three of these cards and keep them active and they will be reported to the credit bureau. Over time this will help improve your credit score. Remember when using your secured credit cards not to use the whole balance. The closer you use your card to the balance, the worse it is on your credit. Keep the balances on all cards low to successfully build your credit.

Keep tabs on your credit report by getting a free credit score online every few months to see if things are moving in the right direction. After you have had a secured credit card for a while you can apply for a unsecured credit card and use that to continue to increase your credit score. Remember the same thing applies, keep the balance on the card much lower than the limit you are issued.

These are just some of the ways you can get on the road to improving your credit score. As stated, it may take some time but you can get the credit score you want. Many people have taken the path to improving their credit score and you can do the same thing.